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夏恩燕澳洲維權抗議行動——Chris Jones 的聲音

(博讯北京时间2012年1月18日 来稿)
    Australian Petitioners Demonstrate Against Illegal Chinese Courts and Demolishment of Homes and Businesses
    Petitioners are slowly taking the upper hand in the battle against the Chinese Government and its support for illegal Chinese Courts and the actions of corrupt officials.
    Australia petitioners intend to be the International hotspot for activity against the Chinese Government in their quest for legal and human rights and compensation for demolished homes and businesses. The Chinese Government is yet to respond to calls to investigate illegal and corrupt Courts in Liaoning Province and to resolve an illegal Civil Court Case created by Shenhe District Court in 1998. The Petitioner is an Australian. How many lifetimes does settlement take?
    The attack on the Chinese Government is International. Action taken within China is fruitless, confirmed by the millions of unresolved Cases there and also the real risk to personal safety and liberty in attempting to prosecute a case inside China. It is an uphill battle against so many corrupt court and other law enforcement officials. Petitioners throughout the World are coming together to make a stronger and more effective push against the Chinese Government.
    The Chinese Government have no control over the foreign Petitioners who are free to exercise their legal rights within the protection of their adopted countries. China’s support of illegal courts and by breaking their own Laws will have an impact on their Trade Partners in the future. As China continues to bully and spread its corruption around the world, other Nations economists will eventually realise that their economies are suffering while China’s continues to grow. Strange to support an economy that is hell bent on destroying your own! Where is “everything” made today?
    Part of the International Protest is to ensure that corrupt Chinese Officials are not given a safe haven in other countries. No-one would want these criminal individuals as neighbours in your community. They should remain in China to be dealt with by the Chinese people. Some have already successfully located in Australia.
    Another goal is to inform the international community why the United Nations has been unsuccessful in reigning in China’s appalling record of human rights. An examination of United Nations records from April 1999, 2000 and 2001 would find that USA with other United Nations Members were unable to mount an investigation into China’s appalling Human Rights record. China with the support of developing Nations used the “No Action Motion” to defeat the other Member nations. How did China induce the developing Nations to support them?
    China is a founding member of the United Nations and is a nuclear arms nation. China executes thousands of prisoners each year, persecutes millions of its citizens and poisons their food, air and water. Absolute Power breeds corruption and China is absolutely corrupted.
    Not one Government or Court Official has refuted claims made in http://chineselegalrights.blogspot.com and taken up the invitation to make an unedited defence of their position. Now is the time to carefully examine the rise of China and how it will influence the world our children and grandchildren will have to survive in. China will attempt to influence the teaching in Australian Schools as they have in NSW State schools. It is the wolf, the animal that China is, and its bite is rabid.
    While these words are highly critical of the Chinese Government and Chinese Law keepers/Law breakers it is not an attack on the ordinary Chinese people. I hold a great affection for them and it is hoped that improvements brought through International pressure on China will flow through to them, sooner rather than later.
    Chris Jones
夏恩燕澳洲維權抗議行動——Chris Jones 的聲音
[博讯来稿] (博讯 boxun.com)
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