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我的父母快70了还要交苛捐杂税 (评:我的辛酸故事 )

【博讯8月03日消息】 Apple 于 [博讯论坛] (大意翻译)



My story is not better than yours. My parents are nearly 70 years old. They have to pay tax for the plant field they once had before even thought they can not plant anything because of their bad health condition at this time. Fortunately, they are luck, they have me, an outstanding son in their eyes who had chance to go to university and who had chance to find a job and had chance to study abroad. I have to pay whatever they have to pay to our local government except to support their living expensives. Can you imagine how the others make a live in my village? If they get sickness, they have two choice: the first one is stay at home to fight their sickness by their body; the second one is to wait to die. ........Apple


  • 我的辛酸故事


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